Dice subscription adventure

Mail Quest - Your monthly adventure dice subscription

Introducing our Monthly Dice Subscription – Mail Quest the ultimate way to level up your Dungeons and Dragons game!

Every month, you will recieve a Mystery Hero containing:

  • 7 Pc Acrylic Dice Set
  • A Race Mini
  • A Class Pin
  • Bonds & Flaws
  • A handy magic item 
  • A stat card to write on

– Reusable double-sided A6 grid battle maps

– Different Boss/monster minis to battle against each month

– Challenge your knowledge with a new quest and puzzle every time

But that’s not all – as part of your subscription, you’ll also receive a Solo Dungeons and Dragons Adventure, complete with Different Boss/monster minis to battle against each month and the story to go with it. This adventure is crafted to challenge you and your party, no matter your level of experience.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our Monthly Dice Subscription today and elevate your Dungeons and Dragons game like never before!

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