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The fantasy table top role-playing game that we’ve all come to love and enjoy was first published back in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. As you can imagine, the real world has come a long way from that small boxset of three booklets that began the obsession in the early ‘70s!

We founded Harps Corp to share our passion and craftsmanship with the wider Dungeons and Dragons and board game community. Although D&D may have debut 45+ years ago, the internet is forever finding ways to connect us with others that share our interests.

When High Rollers began their first campaign and started streaming on Twitch in 2016, Harps Corp designed and created bespoke wooden boxes for Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players. Their first campaign of the series, designed by Mark, began after the titular cataclysm event and followed a group of adventurers helping the people of Arrak as well as discovering and confront their individual past.

We were delighted to individually craft wooden boxes for the group! Each box featured compartments for storage of dice, miniatures and other accessories, as well as a protective felt inlay to prevent any markings or unsightly scratches during rolls.

Each product was natural and unique to the adventurer that took it with them on their journey, featuring a wide array of core wood combinations from our workshop.

These beautiful boxes made their debut on The Festival Episode (Episode 26) on 4th September, 2016! We also were fortunate to design and create one for Critical Role artist Kitt Buss a year later when she guested on the live show at MCM London 2017.

Streams like High Rollers and Critical Role was an incredible inspiration to us in the creation of Harps Corp and drive to continue to use our craftsmanship to create high-quality products that fit within the world of D&D and beyond.

We’re excited to see where our craft will take us next!


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