Slate Coasters (Mason)

Protect your tabletop and enhance your gaming atmosphere with our slate coasters and placemats. Featuring unique D&D designs, they’re perfect for game nights and dinner parties alike.

  • Slate Coasters – D&D Phrases £15.00

    Our set of laser engraved slate coasters are the perfect gift for any D&D fan. Each coaster depicts a phrase that celebrates the world of roleplay.

    Choose your favourite phrase and give the rest to your friends.

    Comes in a set of 4.


  • Slate Coasters – Dice Pack of 6 £20.00

    Protect your furniture while indulging in your love for D&D with our set of laser engraved slate coasters. A must-have accessory for any tabletop gamer.

    Roll the dice! (Maybe not these ones!)

    Comes in a set of 6.


  • Slate Coasters – Stat Block Set of 6 £20.00

    Our slate coasters are more than just practical accessories. They are pieces of art that celebrate the magic of D&D, perfect for any fantasy enthusiast.

    Choose your dump stat! Or pick your favourite.

    Comes in a set of 6.


  • Slate Placemat – Character Sheet Set of 2 £30.00

    Show off your geeky love at the dinner table with our Slate placemats, designed as a character sheet they come in a set of 2.

    Only shipping to the UK.

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