Mystery Hero

Need a new character for your next campaign?

Running a meat grinder?

Or introducing a friend to RPGs and don’t want to drop the whole rulebook in their lap?

Our random character generator is what you need then!

Mystery Hero

1 Full poly acrylic dice set

Mystery Hero - Metal

1 Full poly metal dice set

In each pack you will get:

– 1 Random Miniature for the race.

– 1 Wooden pin for your class.

– 1 Full poly dice set (d20, d12, d10, d%, d8, d6, d4) all the same style but random.

– A blank stat card, another with a flaw, a trait and a bond on and a handy magic item to get you started.

Below are all of the race minis and class pins you may get inside your Mystery Hero bag. There is also a whole host of magic items to get your character started!

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