Introducing Our Brand-New Website and the Sovereign Range by Harps Corp

Founded 5 years ago, Harps Corp has come a long way since 2014. Today, we’re excited to announce and launch our brand-new website, featuring a sleek new look, an improved check-out process and this blog section!

As our loyal customers and close friends know, Harps Corp is run by a pair of passionate brothers who enjoy all things geeky and gaming. We love to share our passion through our woodworking and by launching our brand-new website, we now have the platform to truly showcase our fine wares!

We’ve also re-crafted and launched an improved range of tabletop gaming supplies. Every Dungeon Master and adventurer can find the tools they need for the perfect Dungeon & Dragons session within the Sovereign Range:

The Explorer

The Explorer preps you for any type of adventure. Simply choose what you need for that D&D session, pack up your dice, take your mini and set out on your journey. There are multiple boxes to choose from to fit your needs, be it normal game session or hosting a game for your friends.

The Explorer provides everything you need.

The Chronicler

Providing a stylish and elegant way to roll your dice, The Chronicler features a compartment tray that fits neatly inside the dice tray for easy transportation. Whilst keeping all your dice in place, it also includes a cut of ivory acrylic to help you keep notes on your current adventure.

The Chronicler will hold approx. 50 RPG dice along with a pen, and just like the rest of the Sovereign Range, is available in a range of high-quality woods.

The Governor

Every Sovereign needs a Governor to run the world for them. At Harps Corp, we know that there’s nothing quite like running a game in-style! The Governor does exactly that.

Our hardwood DM/GM screen can come with a built-in dice tower or storage draws, and a dice tray to make sure your dice don’t escape when you need them most! What will yours look like?

The Warden

Designs and built to protect your dice and to guard them during your travels between quests.

The Warden comes in 3 different flavours, offering the classic combination of the dice tower and tray to adding a bespoke storage section that can hold up to 30 RPG dice. Customise The Warden to make it work for you.

The Quartermaster

The Quartermaster is here to supply any adventurers with the high-quality gear that they need to venture forth. Dice boxes, trays, towers and more can be found here, and stay tuned for new products, too.

Each entry into our exclusive Sovereign Range is available in different hardwoods, from a classic Oak to the striking American Cherry. We created Harps Corp to share our ideas and hand-crafted products with the world, and it’s important to us you receive a very special and unique product to take with you on your adventures.

That’s why each of our products is also able to be engraved with a personal message, text or logo – truly making it yours!

In the ever-expanding Sovereign Range we believe that we’ve created stunning, beautifully hand-crafted gaming supplies and we’re incredibly excited to launch them.

We hope that you love the new Sovereign Range and our brand-new website! We’d love to see your comments and feedback over on our Facebook Page.





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