Everything You Need to Start Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Your first venture into the world of Dungeons & Dragons can be a little intimidating. Once you’ve assembled your adventuring group, brushed up on the official rules and set a date, you may be unsure of what exactly it is you need to bring to your first session!

Whether you’ve been inspired to join the tabletop RPG phenomenon from Stranger things, Critical Role or other areas of popular culture D&D has seeped into, this guide will help you pack up for your first quest.

1. Dice dice baby. Top of the list, and top of your pack, should be a set of polyhedral dice. That includes a standard six-sided dice, and also ones with four, eight, ten, twelve and twenty faces.
2. The Player’s Handbook. Incredibly useful whilst a session is in play, The Player’s Handbook will provide extra knowledge you need should your character attempt a difficult task, or you need a refresh of rules.
3. Printed character sheets. These official character sheets provide plenty of room to keep track of everything that makes your character unique. This is where your stats and crucial info will be noted throughout your campaign. Keep it safe!
4. A notebook and pencil. It’s good practice to keep notes on your campaign as it unfolds, certain details may prove useful later on and it helps refresh your memory in between sessions.
5. Dice tower. It can get a little busy around the table when you’re playing D&D, a dice tower will keep your high-quality rolls under wraps and prevent them interfering with anyone else’s set-up.
6. A whiteboard and dry erase markers. To help build the world in which your party inhabits, it’s good to bring it to life with map drawings. A whiteboard is the perfect companion to help you get your bearings.
7. Your imagination. The most remarkable parts of Dungeons & Dragons take place in your imagination! Don’t forget to bring an open mind that’s ready to embrace a world of the fantastical and mysterious.

Although not essential, if your D&D group plans to bring your characters to life with miniatures, it’s handy to have a few of your own to represent your character.

As you’ll likely find out, coordinating your friends for a D&D game is quite difficult! Prior commitments and ‘adulting’ tends to get in the way. However, a free tool like Doodle lets folks mark down their availably to help find a suitable time. Once you’ve set the date and got your pack ready, don’t forget to bring ample snacks for the evening ahead, too!

What do you always bring to your D&D session? Share it with the community over on our Facebook Page.

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