Compete in Your Local Pokémon TCG Tournament in Style with The Tamer Collection

At Harps Corp, we’re always thinking of ways to design and create new high-quality products for our community. Today we’re excited to announce and launch The Tamer Collection – a brand-new range of bespoke deck boxes for the avid Pokémon TCG player.

Each entry in The Tamer Collection is beautifully hand-crafted from the highest quality of woods available and is finished with passion by players, for players.

Protect Your Pokémon Deck

The Tamer Collection was born from a personal want and need for a stylish and unique way to contain our top-tier Pokémon TCG decks. We discovered that there wasn’t a product that could adequately protect our cards whilst looking classy and on-brand, too.

Introducing The Tamer Collection…

There are 3 bespoke deck boxes within The Tamer Collection, taking their influence from The Guardian, but with an added pizzazz of Pokémon.

Each of our deck boxes is hand-sanded to a tight fit to ensure it protects the cards inside, and an optional divider is also available to pop inside. The Tamer Collection will also fit your sleeved cards in too!

The iconic Poké Ball shape is crafted by laser cutting the curve design to ensure a top-quality finish.

The Luxury Guardian

Based on the Luxury Ball introduced in Generation III, Pokémon caught in a Luxury Ball were said to gain friendship more quickly. Just like in game, the fanciest of The Tamer Collection is sure to provide your Pokémon deck with a luxurious ride.

The Luxury Guardian features a dark coloured wood called Wenge, inlaid with an exotic Padauk and attractive Opepe. You’ll also find the versatile Opepe inside the Luxury Guardian.

The Ultra Guardian

A throwback to Generation I comes our take on the Ultra Ball! This Pokémon staple features a Maple base with a beautiful Walnut inside appearance. Atop the Ultra Guardian, you’ll find a Walnut finish inlaid with Ash.

For the Poké Trainer that enjoys a ‘natural looking’ wood, The Ultra Guardian is the perfect companion to accompany you to your local Pokémon TCG tournament.

The Master Guardian

Used to catch a wild Pokémon without fail (hello, Mewtwo!), its deck box counterpart is the ultimate solution to carry your Pokémon deck in comfort and style.

The Master Guardian begins with a Maple base, featuring Walnut inside and ending with a gorgeous Purpleheart top inlaid with Padauk.

We’re incredibly proud and excited for these deck boxes to finally be out in the wild and hope you’ll enjoy carrying your favourite deck in them too!

Head on over to The Tamer Collection to get a close-up look at them and choose your favourite.

We’d love to see your thoughts on The Tamer Collection! Join in on the discussion over on our Facebook Page.


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